Skyblock 2.0 won't stop spawning monsters

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On Jun 12, 2022


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Skyblock Beta


1.19 on Nintendo Switch


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I try playing just on Skyblock legacy so I don't have to deal with the bug but I really like Skyblock 2.0 for it's new features but it has a serious problem so I just don't play it. At night mobs spawn no matter how many torches you have. I made 1 island where it was every 3 blocks was glow stone and still at night they would spawn. For most people it wouldn't matter but for me I just go afk at night up in the sky so I don't have to worry. I've tried using my 2nd island and it happens still. I try making a second layer of my island so it's not on the begging layer and it happens. I've spent lots of money on your Skyblock but when Skyblock legacy stopped working I was upset. Now with Skyblock 2.0 I would love to spend money on it but this prevents me from playing. It's disheartening.

What you have to do to repeat it is:
Step one. make a new island on 2.0
Step two. Make the island a bit bigger
Step three. Add oh so many torches
Step four. Wait till night
Step five. Watch everything spawn no matter how many torches you put down.

Another thing is they can hop over fences and ruin crops.

I don't know what client version means so I put a random one down.


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