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#000110 Someone placed and broke blocks in spectator mode

Reported by lea8ue

i have just been scammed by ManticQuasar183. he managed to PLACE blocks to remove my lava in my auto spawner farm and he TOOK all my spawners, all in spectator mode. i don’t know how this happened as of yet. please fix this, it is worrying.

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#000109 when you place the iron golems spawn on the top and sides of the spawner rather than around it

Reported by skyblockqueen

the issue I have experienced is when I place an iron golem spawner the iron golems spawned on top of and the sides of the spawner.
I expected it to spawn around the spawner or underneath it but instead they spawn and stick to the spawner and you can't make an automatic fam when they don't fall they just stick to the top and sides

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#000106 can't sleep at night

Reported by littlel1l

when I placed my bed it worked as expected, but when I click on the bed I can't sleep, and there is no chat indication about monsters nearby.

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#000105 Auto sell chest disappearing

Reported by foreseenhorsttv

I was at my island when I was on my last day of vip my creeper spawner and auto sell chest disappeared I think it is because of my vip please fix this I need my auto sell chest


#000104 Block placed pushes character into void

Reported by mrfundog339

When playing bedwars and crouching to bridge over time another island, a block is placed exactly where the in game character is standing causing the player to fall into the void and die. To recreate this glitch, you
1. Start crouching and moving backwards
2. Place blocks in front of you as you move back (this should create an even bridge in a straight line).
3. Unexpectedly, a block is placed on the block you are standing on glitching you off the edge of the bridge, and therefore killing you.

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#000103 Don't know how to download

Reported by mattplays24

I have bought the prison pass on the xbox one but it tells me I need to download it I dont know here to download it and all it will say is I own it.

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#000101 Wouldn't let me place blocks

Reported by mackthebot_364

The 13 most blocks in the center in a circleish shape wouldn't stay placed down on my plot.
1. Buy a plot
2. Go to the center of thus plot
3. Try to play in the circle like area with a 2 block radius

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