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#000372 /lobby kick: dont spam

Reported by loganreacts_yt44444

so i was in the skyblock lobby when I typed /lobby and it kicked me for spamming I have a screen shot of it

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#000371 Open shop at <y2 pos = server D/C

Reported by meatsnack

Open shop at pos Y2 position crashs you, server d/c. See video

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#000369 Radio giving

Reported by applehead420

I can’t give the radio to Stacy for the pantheon 5000.
Here’s what happened:
1. I went to the police and did the job.
2. I got the radio.
3. I walked over to Stacy
4. She said “Give me all the parts and I can fix your car”.
5. I did this 3 times.
My gamer tag is dempicklekings.

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#000368 Skyblock Enchanting

Reported by omaster89

Try to use enchantment table says enchanting is temporarily unavailable on this version of game

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#000367 Cannot find Mini Ender Dragon Pet

Reported by young


We bought the Mini Ender Dragon Pet in the marketplace on your server. It stated that it can be used in any game/world but we are unable to find it. Could you kindly know how to activate/spawn it in-game so we can use it?

Thanks so much!

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#000366 Hoppers are Broken

Reported by madpoison510

First off when placing the hoppers it often takes about 2/3 hoppers in order to actually place a single hopper. It removes all 2/3 from your inventory and does not give them back. Once hopper is placed all seems normal until you reload the game. Some hoppers turn into chests, others just completely disappear. in one case I actually had the hoppers disappear but the game seemed to think it was still there and items were magically being moved around. I have some hoppers that I placed earlier on when I wasn't having this problem and hey seem to be fine and they are not breaking when reloading the game. Its costing me not only resources to place all these hoppers after the game breaks, but also lots of time and frustration. Pls fix

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#000363 Long time spawning/teleporting

Reported by joshieboi2005

It takes me about 2 to 5 mins to teleport and spawn on survival mode and i have had this for a year

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