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On May 16, 2022


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1.18.31 on Nintendo Switch


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I was 50+ days into a login streak on AAP and supposedly on round 2 of the reward streak, but that time around, I didn't seem to be getting any of the rewards, even though it says I claimed them up to Day 10. I could tell since I should have had an extra wheel spin according to the rewards menu but when I clicked the wheel, I only had the normal 1 you get every day. However, it still said that it was claimed. And whenever I would click it to see if maybe it said it was claimed, but it actually wasn't, nothing happened and I didn't get any reward message in chat. Since then, I took a 2-week break from playing Minecraft as I was busy with work. I logged back into AAP today to see that my login streak has been reset (as it should) and I'm back at Login streak 1 and Reward streak 1. However, when I go to collect my reward for today, it doesn't give me a reward and the "Claim Now!" message remains and stays red.
Unfortunately, I have no screenshots or videos of the first few parts of the problem since they've already happened. I can take a video of my current menu if need be. Also, since I'm kind of stuck in a way, I can't see how I would be able to recreate what happened in a video.


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