Bug with Off-Hand Slot

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On Mar 13, 2022


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1.18.2 on Nintendo Switch


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Dear LifeBoat Support Team,

I was playing a game of BedWars, and I had purchased a chest using 1 iron ingot. One of my teammates had placed the following: An Iron Sword, An Iron Helmet, A Diamond Chestplate, A piece of Iron Leggings, Iron Boots, An Iron Sword, A Bow and Arrows. I had Quick-Moved the Arrows to my Off-Hand Slot using X (On a Nintendo Switch) and proceeded to finish the game. My team had won, and (According to the After Game menu) I was the top player. I bragged to my brother about this. I then hit [Close] in the menu and I then realised that I still had my Arrows in the BedWars Lobby. I didn't think much of this, just thinking that they would disappear when I arrived in the next game, or at least when I joined another server in the LifeBoat network. The timer counted down and the arrows didn't go away. Then when I was supposed to teleport to the game, I was put in a different lobby with another player. There was no one else in this specific lobby. The other player also had arrows in their Off-Hand. We both took the arrows out of our Off-Hand and I tried again with the arrows in my 1st Hotbar slot. The other player either left or got disconnected. This time I got put in a lobby with other players. The arrows were removed from my inventory. Shortly after, I got sent to a game and everything was normal. I have provided footage of me recreating this bug. It is not the actual footage of the original bug so some of the above wording may be incorrect, but the general idea is still the same. Just let me know if you need any additional details and I will try my best to answer.

Thank you in advance.
William Ryan


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